The goal of the Who's Who? project is to recollect every single actor appearing in James Bond movies, accompanied by a picture for everybody, no matter how insignificant they are. For every film, we begin with the actors who are credited in the end titles in the order of their credited appearance. After that, all the other identified credits will be followed in the order of the character's first appearance. Characters whom I couldn't identify (no matter how prominent) will not be listed.

The database was originally based on the cast listings of the Internet Movie Database, but it has been improved upon in many cases since then. It omits non-existent characters and adds never-before-heard-of castmembers as well, especially in the smaller parts. The Avelyman website also offers good additions to this list, though the captions are often too small and not standardized like in The Cat's Corner.

The pictures will help you to spot these characters, and this is where The Cat needs your help. If you know an actor not mentioned, find an error or can identify an actor with a quesion mark, contact me and help my job.

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